Unitarianism and Trandentalism

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What is God's role in the universe? This question has been on the tip os scholar's tongue and deep in the ind of man since time's beginning. during the eighteenth century, modern expansions swapped this accepted wisdom into, "Could God be the universe?" From this perspective, both Unitarianism and trandentalism arose during the Second Great Awakening. While both movements are reasoned reactions to the spiritual revival, Unitarianism judges the world more on logic, and transcendtalists are much more free-spirited. Not everyone was charmed by Charles Findlay in the Second Great Awakening. However, all of society was touched by him. In Boston, Massachusetts, a philosophy of logic and current thinking was born. Both Unitarianism and transcendentalism are impacted by Indian religion. Like the hindus, they see God as both benevolent and contnuously atoning all of man's sins. Jesus Christ is an example for all men to pursue. He is not part of some divine trinity, but instead, an incredible example of humanity. However, some Unitarianism and transcendentalism's fundamental doct...

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