Unintended Pregnancy And Pregnancy Outcomes Essay

Unintended Pregnancy And Pregnancy Outcomes Essay

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1. Consider unintended pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes; what are the issues of equity and what social determinants should be addressed in order to improve pregnancy outcomes?

Social determinants for woman include poverty, lack of education, lack of health care, and low social status which gives rise to issues of equity corresponding to sex-selective abortions, malnutrition, and discriminatory health care practices that entail in, transmitted diseases, genital mutilation, and physical and sexual abuse. These issues give woman a disadvantage because this makes them inferior to men leading to major health issues resulting in woman and child morbidity and mortality and need to be addressed in order to improve pregnancy outcomes. Sex-selective abortions are when female fetuses are aborted because they believe a son should be born first. Lower social economic areas practice unsafe abortions that are performed by untrained people, inappropriate equipment, poor techniques and unsterile conditions that lead to death. It is essential to supply these women with health facilities that have appropriate methods of abortion techniques while conducting proper hygiene and sterile procedures. These women need antibiotics and pain medications before and after these procedures along with care that includes post-abortion complications and counseling. Another social determinant that needs addressed, is woman’s nutritional needs. Some cultures believe to breastfeed female infants a shorter duration than male infants, to feed the men before themselves, and to eat less than the men; these are factors that lead to malnourishment and increases illnesses in woman. Malnourishment also stunts their growth which leads to postnatal delivery issues causing heal...

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...iruses, which cause infections that could lead into more serious conditions including death.
Antibiotics are the main source for treating most of these infections but because drug-resistant strains are more common, it makes it costlier and more difficult to treat these conditions in a timely manner. PATH and GAVI have helped in the financing and distribution of these vaccines, but there are only limited supplies of the vaccine and the prices increase due to the demand making the lower income countries having to wait a longer period of time to receive these vaccines than higher income countries. In addition to poor nutrition, some more burden to child health is the unused resources of the health services provided by organizations due to one’s cultural belief, low economic status, transportation to a facility, and ignorance in not knowing one needs medical attention.

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