Uniforms : A Necessary Evil Essay

Uniforms : A Necessary Evil Essay

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Uniforms in Schools- A Necessary “Evil”
In spite of the widespread view among students themselves that wearing a uniform is not “cool”, parents and educators are generally in favor of schools imposing it, albeit with various degrees of strictness. I do remember my high school days and the strict dress code I was supposed to adhere to. I did not particularly like it, but I embraced it as a fact of life and, more importantly, as a part of my education. At this stage in my life, I strongly support the introduction and use of uniforms in schools because I consider that the positive outcomes outweigh the negative ones.
My perspective on this matter may be considered biased since I am an educator myself. However, I have had the privilege to work in different school environments: some with very strict dress codes and some others with no dress code at all. I have been collecting anecdotal information all along my career that supports and informs my opinion. There are also studies that support the idea that even though the students do not like wearing the uniforms, there are benefits associated with their introduction in schools. For example, two researchers, Imberman and Gentile compared students from schools that required uniforms to peers from non-uniformed institutions. They specifically focused on student outcomes that emerged once a school required uniforms. Their study is documented in the paper “Dressed for Success: Do School Uniforms Improve Student Behavior, Attendance and Achievement?” Their findings show bolstered attendance, academics and behavior in middle and high school students once their schools adopted uniforms.
I am in favour of the idea that learning to conform to rules and regulations is an important part of gene...

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...r creativity and takes away a means of self-expression. I do believe that students have a lot of opportunities to be creative at school; and this creativity is the one that comes from their academic abilities and not their families’ financial means. There is almost no limit to expressing this kind of creativity outside school, as well: family gatherings and social events in which they are legally allowed to participate.
I believe that uniforms introduce and maintain the level of formality that is absolutely necessary for effectiveness of the school system. Students are more effective in school because they do not have to deal with prejudices and bias and they can fully focus on academic achievement. Uniforms take away part of the financial burden put on families , especially those from the working class, further enhancing the idea that at school, we are all equal.

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