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Unified Communications Manager Essay

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Unified Communications Manager

With the advent of smart phones, Wireless PDA, Net books, and the ever decreasing cost of Wi-Fi laptops. Not to mention VOIP and media reach software (Video conference, steaming video) it had become increasingly more evident that an all encompassing communications solution is needed for the modern workplace.
Software solutions for business communication tend to give affordable, easily implemented options with much smaller short-term cost benefits and valuable improvements. However you will for the most part not get long term guarantees of QoS’. They may also fail to address the limitation of a dated hardware infrastructure that would take advantage of the communication software. At best these solution ignore the network, at worst they leave organizations vulnerable to excessive network maintenance. Limited scalability with large performance degradation. Today’s software approaches are:
Peer to Peer
The P2P approach includes options like Voice conferencing, video conferencing with limited basic VOIP options. The drawback is that this method presents extreme administrative difficulties. The IT team can never hope to combine the functions that may be offered through different vendors. Even using an all encompassing vendor software, one runs into the “black box” functionality that puts obstacles in the path of the IT administrators with applications that can not be integrated with later add on software.
Device or Provider-Hosted
Telecommunication and Internet service providers may offer a range of communication packages that can temporarily reduce over head cost and administrative requirements. With this approach you can select and buy best in class devices or endpoints for on site use with...

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... and rich media can be all handled though this hardware and software approach. Unified Communications allows for a broad range of easy to manage solutions that can be scaled and tailored to most business environments.
Open environment allow existing software application from vendors as diverse as IBM, Microsoft, WebEx and RIM. Cisco’s to remain in use. The Application Development software which provides a versatile service creation platform allows for existing software to be utilized through the communication devices. The user is allowed to use multiple software platforms, those eliminating user apprehension. The Unified Communication Manager allows for scalability, with out compromising security by unifying communications through a single point. Almost any organization regardless of its size or current infrastructure can quickly begin using unified communications

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