The Unification of Spain: King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella Essay

The Unification of Spain: King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella Essay

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Queen Isabella of Castile and King Ferdinand of Aragon were one of the most famous married couples in history. Isabella was beautiful. “She had blue eyes and chestnut hair.” “She was just striking” (Isaacs). By the time she was 18, she wore beautiful gowns and jewels. “She wore them throughout her life” (Isaacs). Ferdinand and Isabella ruled Spain in a joint ruling, converted Muslims to Christianity, sponsored Christopher Columbus’s journey to a New World, had a family and Isabella even had time for education. Isabella and Ferdinand were devout Catholics that pushed and strived for Christianity in Spain. Despite their extreme measure to push for Christianity, their time in reign was the Golden Age of Spain.
To begin, Isabella was the daughter of King John II of Castile. Isabella was born April 22, 1451. Ferdinand was the son of King John I of Aragon. He was born in 1452. Isabella was three years old when her father died. Henry IV, her half-brother, became king. “He named Isabella his successor.” Henry was not very fond of Ferdinand. When Isabella married Ferdinand in 1469, Henry IV withdrew his support. In 1474, Henry died; making his daughter Juana, take the throne. After the war of a succession ended in 1479, Isabella became the Queen of Castile (“Queen Isabella”). She was the Queen of Castile from 1474 to 1505. “Isabella had to fight a civil war to secure her throne. Their marriage began a 35 year joint ruling of a unified Spain, by the Catholic Monarchs” (Isaacs).
For instance, in 1481, the “Catholic Kings” were what Ferdinand and Isabella were known as. The kingdom of Castile and Aragon were ruled together, but not as countries. It was a union of crowns (Isaacs). “The two kingdoms maintained their separate l...

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...s in its Golden Age. Isabella and Ferdinand formed the Kingdom of Spain. Spain was not completely unified by the time they died, but it was well on its way to becoming Europe.

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