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The Unification Of Ancient Egypt Essays

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The unification of Ancient Egypt became the major foundation for which the way Egyptian and African history is taught in this day and time. The combination of the two dynamic kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt played a significant role in shaping Egypt’s impact on the early civilization of mankind. Before the unification can be explored, we must further understand the differences of the two kingdoms. This will allow us to better grasp the concept of how the two advanced kingdoms complemented one another during their unification. The geographical qualities/relationship with the Nile River, trade routes, symbols, and religious beliefs will be fully analyzed in order to compare and contrast the two kingdoms. King Narmer’s (Menes) role in the unification of Ancient Egypt will also be examined. The unification of Ancient Egypt as a whole will be illustrated by showing the significance of Narmer’s Palette, the double crown, Amen-Ra, and other attributes that came about after the unification of Ancient Egypt.

II. Brief History of the Nile River
According to the Nile River begins at Lake Victoria in the south of Egypt and flows northward to empty out in the Mediterranean Sea in the north of Egypt. This is caused by the higher elevations that are in the southern part of Egypt. Due to the flow of the Nile River from the south of Egypt to the north of Egypt (instead of the traditional flow of water from north to south) determined how the two kingdoms were named. Ultimately, making Lower Egypt in the north and Upper Egypt in the south.
III. Lower Egypt
Lower Egypt was located in the northern most part of Egypt, closest to the Mediterranean Sea. Lower Egypt expanded from the Nile Delta in the north and ended...

... middle of paper ...

... 1st Dynasty of Kings in Egypt

V. Conclusion
In approximately 3200 BC, King Narmer’s army of Upper Egypt was able to defeat the army of Lower Egypt which ultimately led to the creation of Narmer’s Palette and the first dynasty of unification in Egypt’s history. The unification of the Nile Valley under one centralized government eventually led to the great advancement to Egypt as a whole. Even though the kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt had different attributes and relationships with the Nile River Valley, their unification gave rise to the solid foundation of Ancient Egypt. The two kingdoms were able to dominate and thrive off of one another’s differences in order to create the powerful dominating force that would be prominent in shaping Africa’s contribution to mankind altogether.

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