Unidentified Flying in Texas

Unidentified Flying in Texas

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“Wow! Did you just see that? What was that?” This is some of the things you would be hearing if you lived in Texas. This state is one of the most popular states for having mysterious unknown lights flying across the sky. There have been multiple occasions where these lights have flown across this state. We do not know for sure what they are but they think that they could be UFO’s.
There is a lot of conflict on what people think these actually are. Some say that they are UFO’s and others say that they are Chinese lanterns. Other people say that the lights are from planes or helicopters just flying through. “Why would an UFO even be flying through this area? You can tell that these pictures and videos of these mysterious lights flying across the sky are manmade.” A citizen of Texas said. We all have our different opinions on what these things are and we are not for sure what they are but most of us think that they are UFO’s.
To figure out what these objects are we must use clues. Some of the clues are the sound, how many there are, and what they look like. These are very useful clues in finding out what these are. If we use these things we cans find, with our five senses then we might have a chance to figuring out what these objects are.
These mysterious things come in pairs of four to five most of the time. Every once and awhile they will come solo. When they come in pairs it makes most sense for them to either be UFO’s or lanterns. If they were some type of aircraft it would be harder for them to travel together in pairs. It narrows down the selection knowing that they travel in pairs.
These so called UFO’s sound really weird according to the people who have witnessed them. Frank Nicholos, a farmer in Texas known for his character, said he heard a “whirring” sound. “It almost sounded like one of my farm machines.” Nichols said. He went outside to find out what the unknown sound was and what was happening. He said that he had seen a large, unknown object landing in his cornfield. It had a lot of lights on it according to Nichols. Many other people said that when they had seen these objects there was a weird sound with it.

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It was very loud and scary. The sound of these objects is also another clue on how to figure out what these mysterious things are.
These lights going across the sky are reported many times. They are known to be very visible. They also have flashing lights on them that flash as they are moving across the atmosphere. They are sometimes very bright and other times they are very dual and hard to see. When they are brighter they almost look like a star. It almost looks like a military aircraft when it is brighter. There are no other signs that help us identify what these flying objects are. This also gives us an idea of what these objects are.
To this day scientists are still studying these flying objects to figure out what they are. They do not know if they are actually UFO’s. Some people think that they are just lanterns or aircraft and that could be but they could also be UFO’s. These objects have been all over the world. Hundreds of them have visited Earth and crashed or landed. They are all over not just in the United States. Scientists hope to figure out exactly what these flying unknown objects are very soon.
Overall, these objects have mostly flown over the Southern part of the United States. They also fly over other places the the United States. We are not quite sure what they are yet. Some scientists think they are UFO’s but others don’t. They need more time to research and look at these objects more closely. If we use the clues we have it will be easier to figure out what these flying unknown objects are.

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