Unhealthy Schools Producing Obese Children with Diabetes Essay

Unhealthy Schools Producing Obese Children with Diabetes Essay

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Many kids in America suffer from type 2 diabetes and obesity. Schools do not inform children enough on what they should know about to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Schools should give information about having a healthy lifestyle by what they offer kids for breakfast and lunch, offering health classes to children at young ages, and limiting the amount of unneeded material students are exposed to at school.
Schools should educate children about what they consume from what they offer children for breakfast and lunch. “With many schools districts facing budget shortfalls, a quick solution has come from offering more profitable fast food” (Barboza 17). In order to keep their jobs schools shouldn’t directly turn to fast food. It shouldn’t be the job of schools to decide what is fed to the children but the parents job to help decide what is best to feed their children, since the children do not know what is best for them. Money shouldn’t always be the reason that school turn to fast food companies for help. The school should receive help from it’s community so the children who go their have a place they can go and receive good quality information. “Schools get paid a kickback for every sugary soft drink or burger sold” (Barboza 24). Children usually apply what they learn from school to the real world because thats what they are taught to do. Kids who learn at school that junk food and fast food is ok so serve at breakfast and lunch will think its ok for them to eat it whenever they are not at school. In conclusion schools shouldn’t teach kids thats its ok to eat junk food and fast food by what they serve for breakfast or lunch they should be offering kids a way to better their life when at school and not at school. School should be a pl...

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...omeone who lectures them to do something. If teachers tell the children the health facts at school it is easier for that one teacher to learn everything and teach multiple people than for many parents to gather the information and tell multiple children who will most likely not want to listen to what is being said. I did use quotes from Davids Barboza’s “ If you pitch it, they will eat it”. Some say this article does contain bias parts, but Barboza does bring forward some interesting points that do need some discussion about.
In conclusion should find way to inform kids about healthy lifestyles about what they feed them, classes they offer and by what they allow to be exposed at schools to the children. We need to care because it is important for children to learn about health so they can make better life choices and so they know what is actually being fed to them.

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