Essay on Unhappy Marriages And Domestic Violence

Essay on Unhappy Marriages And Domestic Violence

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Unhappy marriages and domestic violence document enriches the themes of violence and murder from this course, by giving an insight into social and economic roles that both males and females played during marriage. The focus will be on how economic factors, effects of alcoholic drinking and influences female status such as separation and divorce. In seventeenth to eighteenth century England, marriage played a significant role in both male’s and female’s lives. Not only due to the social and economic aspects of it, but due to the sexual morals associated with it. The Catholic Church placed immense significance on the sacredness of marriage and on its inseparability. It was legally binding in the eyes of god. It was very difficult to get a divorce and the only way to do that is through parliament if one was wealthy enough. The document “Unhappy marriages and domestic violence in early modern England” describes the marriages of Mary Hobry, George Whalley and James Hall and the events pertaining to the abuse they have received from their spouses which eventually leads to them murder someone. By analyzing those three biographies in order to illustrate the hardships they faced while married whether it was from abuse of alcohol, keeping company from vagrants and poverty. They bring forth a different view on what life was like in England and the struggles that many of them faced daily which they could not control.
Life was particularly hard in English households during the seventeenth and eighteenth century due to poverty from the lack of employment, low wages due to the increased population in urban areas. Poverty was considered a crime of choice due to the reason that you can both work hard and become successful in life or you can be i...

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... Crime was rampant during that period, due to the high rates of poverty which led to an increase of property crime and violence. Murder was particularly bad especially if it was against a master or superior like Mary Hobry and James Hall did. Although, George Whalley murdered his wife on the grounds that she abused him, but on account of the neighbours he was drunk and continued to abuse his wife. The biographies were written by the murder in order to portray them in a good light to hopefully get the sincerity of the people in England. To get a lighter sentence or eventually freedom, many of them sought, especially females who tried to plead the belly. The testimony in court can sway the balance of the murder being guilty or not guilty by what the defendant has said to what the neighbours has declared. In the end, it was just a marriage that has gone horrible wrong.

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