The Unforgettable Day Of India Essay

The Unforgettable Day Of India Essay

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The unforgettable day

In the shaggy, dirt ridden alleyway of India, referred to as the slum city nowadays was adjacent to the wealthy city of India and in the slum there was a homeless man. The man whom was in his mid 50 's had poor features with grey facial hair that was continually growing, his face looked tired and wrinkled, and his clothing was rags, wearing the same attire every day, was one of the tens and thousands living in the poor country. He did have a family which included 9 brothers and sisters whom most of them deceased because of the deadly virus gone around the slum. In the slum any disease could develop. The man once had one child but his wife took them away from him about twenty years ago and he never saw them again. Every day he dreams in hope of seeing his child wherever she may be. He had no house to live in so the man hid under the neighbours rooves outside shivering in the night air as he tried to keep warm with his clothing and stolen blankets. Every night he would beg for food but some nights he was bashed up to clear off because they also had families to feed. The river water he drunk knew was contaminated with faeces and rubbish from the slum but he thought to himself; it 's either this or dying of thirst, so he closed his eyes and held his nose to get rid of the taste and gulped down the cup of water in a hurry. He didn 't want to die because he had a mission to look for his prized possession, his one and only child wherever she may be.

As he thought for a moment of the memories he had of his daughter before she was taken away, he vividly remembered abusing his wife to the point where she left. That was probably why she left him, he thought to himself. He could still see the burnt scar on his arm f...

... middle of paper ...

... he came from. From his instincts he followed the vehicle and saw four people step and cut through the fence to get to the broken bodies lying near the fence. He saw that they removed the bodies from the area and placed them in the van. The man intently moved closer to the scene and as he moved closer with each step he noticed one thing; he thought he saw his daughter. His skinny, weak legs forced him into a powerful jog and then a full run towards the electrocuted fence because his mind told him otherwise. He ran as fast as he could gasping for breath but he knew this was his daughter, his mission. The man immediately felt a strange tingling starting from his fingers to spreading through his body. He let out a gasp. As he slowly fell to the ground with his weak hands, he shakingly picked up his locket and looked at his daughters face for the last time as the sun set

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