The Unfairness Of Being A Female Essay

The Unfairness Of Being A Female Essay

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Being a female, I have seen the unfairness demonstrated towards my gender. I have also experienced judgement because of gender roles. Gender roles are social expectations regarding the proper behavior, attitudes, and activities of males and females (Schaefer, p. 325). My female friends who have had jobs have been paid less than men and some have been told that they weren’t given promotions they were more qualified for simply because they weren’t what management had in mind, male. Growing up some of my relatives were shocked of my ability to do math and science and yelled at my male cousins because their performance wasn’t as good as mine. People told my mother that she should pull me out of football when I was in elementary school and put me into something more suitable for me. Their suggestions were cheerleading and beauty pageants. At the time, I was angry because people were trying to influence my parents to take me out of things I liked and put me in things I didn’t, but now as I’m older, I can see what they were doing. They were trying to put me into activities they identified as feminine. Things like games, sports and instruments shouldn’t have a gender specified to them. I play the saxophone because I like it not because I am having an identity crisis. Would they prefer I only be good at home economics, which I never took, playing a “more feminine” instrument like flute, which I do but do not classify myself as a flautist, and was only good at the arts, both fine and liberal? If so, then I am never going to be feminine to them. Women have just as much right to do what a man does and deserve equality. On the opposite side, men should be able to do “feminine” things without being judged as well. I believe in the Merriam-Webst...

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...growing and discover who I am. This paper was odd for me because I have studied existential crisis in adolescence here in college, and I can say I haven’t had one yet. I have never asked myself, “Who am I?” I don’t particularly like the feeling I get when I have to try and put it in words. For as long as I can remember I have always answered this question as I am me or with my name. My mother thought it was amusing that I finally had to answer this question more in depth, but I still come back to this same answer. I am Jackie Lee Smith, and I am who I am. I cannot put who I am in paper, not accurately, and I hope to never be able to do so. I hope to always grow and learn new things. I don’t want to be able to really answer this question and be happy in the fact that I can’t yet be comfortable with this. So simply, I am and hope to always be, Jackie Lee Smith. I am me.

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