Essay on Unfair Rights And Removal Sacrifices

Essay on Unfair Rights And Removal Sacrifices

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Unfair Rights and Scarring Sacrifices
Several generations have gone through some type of an unfair law that they had to obey, for example, in past generations African Americans were enslaved, but more presently the lack of rights the LGBT members have with marriage. This can relate to the stories “Antigone” and “The Lottery” because the characters in each story went through unfair tragedies. The laws in each of these stories are different, but actually very similar as shown by the end result.
In the story “Antigone” a loyal sister is demanded to be put to death for the burial of her beloved brother. A law was made against her brother Polynice who had died battling against his very own brother and country. Antigone knew the consequences of disregarding the law, but since she was his sister she did not want to obey the law. She then proceeded to bury her brother anyways to show her loyalty and how much she loved him. Along with the law in “Antigone” being unfair, the character Tessie in the story “The Lottery” also found that it was unfair when her family ended up having the piece of paper with the black dot. Tessie had forgotten about the town lottery so she ended up being late. She claimed that her husband Bill “did not have enough time to select a piece of paper”. When the Hutchinson family, then reselected their pieces of paper, Tessie was the one with the black dot. She then continued to say “This is unfair; this is not right”. As Tessie stood with her arms out, everyone formed a circle which enclosed her to be stoned. Connecting the two stories, the town lottery resulted in the Hutchinson’s loss of their dear family member as Antigone lost her beloved brother.
As well as the unfair rights are a similar feature from each stor...

... middle of paper ...

...tely no fighting chance at surviving. As soon as they reveal who obtains the paper with the black dot on it everyone in the square gathers their stones and stones the selected person to death.
Millions of people every day are sacrificing in various ways, some more than others. For example, an extreme is that we have people fighting for our freedom. Soldiers risk their own lives just so we can have a safe, free life to live. This ties in with Antigone because she wanted to stay loyal to her brother. She sacrificed her own life knowing what the consequence would be to bury him. Along with “Antigone”, the people in the story “The Lottery” all risked putting their names into the town lottery once a year to see who was going to be stoned to death. This goes to show that there are extreme sacrifices one will make for another, along with loyalty and following of the laws.

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