Essay on Unethical Unloading of Stirling Bride Tools

Essay on Unethical Unloading of Stirling Bride Tools

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Stirling Bridge is a well-established, tool manufacturing company who demonstrated a lack of moral responsibility by failing to disclose vital product safety information to an overseas buyer following the company’s voluntary product recall.


Stirling Bridge had been a thriving power tool business for over 100 years. The company had sold and distributed power tools and equipment all over the U.S., Europe, and third world countries. Recently one of Stirling Bridge’s top selling products, the Braveheart power tool line, came under attack when consumer agencies conducted research and found many consumers who purchased the power tools were experiencing significant harm and personal injury after use. Stirling Bridge (STIRLING BRIDGE) had identified potential safety concerns with their power tools and hired an independent research company to investigate why consumers were being injured using their power tools, well before the company came under the attack of public agencies.
Company stakeholders included the President of the power tool division Mike Wallace, the Chief Executive Officer Robert Bruce, the Chief sales representative John Comyn, Vice President Melvin Gibson and Clay More, the President of the hardware retailer trade association in Polynesia and the consumers.

Stirling Bridge demonstrated strong moral principles when deciding how to best approach consumer injuries related to the Braveheart power tools line. STIRLING BRIDGE took the public interest to heart and exercised the utilitarian approach to serve the greatest good for the greatest number. Stirling Bridge exhausted substantial financial and labor resources to focus more on the well-bei...

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... exhibited ethical decision making and the utilitarian approach when they addressed the safety issues of the Braveheart power tools. They enhanced safety features, improved product instructions and highlighted product warning information; however, when they chose to sale the recalled power tools overseas and made a conscious moral decision not to fully disclose the potential hazards to the buyer, they displayed a lack of integrity and violated their moral duty and potentially caused a threat to the health and well-being of the overseas consumer.

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