Essay on The Unethical Treatment of Animals Must Stop

Essay on The Unethical Treatment of Animals Must Stop

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Picture this; you’ve come home from a long day of school, work, or soccer practice. The moment you pull into your driveway, your cute furry friend senses your presence. He is overwhelmed with happiness, and makes sure to show it the second you walk through the door. That little bundle of joy literally loves you more than himself. He is your beautiful, selfless, innocent pet. Now picture, that same innocent animal, aching with pain and loneliness waiting for the next horrible, painful procedure that will be performed on him. Animal abuse goes deeper than just a neglectful owner. Animals are being used for clothing, experimentation, research and entertainment. Unethical treatment of animals is inhumane because animals can’t speak for themselves, and they have the same purpose on this planet as humans. In the end we’re all just animals.
I would first like to talk about inhumane treatment of animals, in the direction of animal testing. In an article written by writers associated with PETA(People associated with Ethical Treatment of Animals), they point out that “More than 100 million animals every year suffer and die in cruel chemical, drug, food, and cosmetics test…”(Animal testing 101, 3). When the phrase “animal testing comes to mind, most people just think of the new spring line of lipgloss that may be sampled on a few helpful bunnies. What these animals go through is nothing glamorous. “Mice and rats are forced to inhale fumes, dogs are force fed pesticides, and rabbits have corrosive chemicals rubbed onto their skin and eyes”(Animal testing 101,PETA 3). Millions of animals of poisoned, blinded, and killed every year, just to satisfy the curiosity of humans, Just because animals have different ways of communication other than “t...

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...opportunities for things to be tested, without harm towards animals.
Ultimately, I am obviously strongly against unethical treatment of animals. Animals are being used for clothing, experimentation, research and entertainment. Unethical treatment of animals is inhumane because animals can’t speak for themselves, and they have the same purpose on this planet as humans. They are so many alternatives that can be used in place of the harmful, sickening methods that are used on animals and I would love to see those take place.

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