Unethical Business Practices We Hear All About Essay

Unethical Business Practices We Hear All About Essay

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Unethical business practices we hear all about them but what drives companies to
do such actions. The short answer mostly greed today I will be talking about three
different cases. Each one of these affected people in many different ways but they will
continue to do these marketing scams because they make more money then they lose. So
they will continue to deceive the general public.
So now we look at some awful unethical behavior from Johnson & Johnson so all
over the place they seem to be getting into trouble. First they had the baby powder
scandal, which could cause cancer they tried to cover it up (Wallace, 2013). And now
anther issue that is just as big but cost them even more money. They were saying that
drugs were approved for certain uses when they acutely were not approved for those uses
(Wallace, 2013). And on top of that for the compliance of doctors and nursing homes
they paid kick backs to them (Wallace, 2013). The drugs involved that were used for
different purpose such as schizophrenia drugs Risperdal and Invega as well as heart
failure drug Natrecor (Wallace, 2013). They had thousand of volitions one of the
medications was linked to an increase in diabetes anther was used on elderly people with
dementia when the medicine was clearly for schizophrenia that was given to them by the
nursing homes that revives kick backs from Johnson & Johnson (Wallace, 2013). They
crossed a lot of lines and put millions of people’s lives in danger and they get away with
fines, Johnson & Johnson will plead guilty to a misdemeanor misbranding charge from
there marketing charges (Wallace, 2013). That is it once again you see the big major
companies getting away with anything that they please they should be facing criminal
prosecution for...

... middle of paper ...

...mes of fake numbers or blocked they are sending a message to those who are using
there name in automated messages. These companies are using a high pressure selling
they use Google’s good name to get leads then they will not leave you alone until they
sell their product (Armstrong, Kotler, 2017). So the issue that they face is trying to find
more of these companies that are marketing Google’s name and making these false
accusations, Google says it will not end here but that it might effect other companies
decision to use their name. I think that they should have some sort of device to tell if it is
a scam, but also maybe big companies should have a way to make the consumer able to
tell the difference maybe a special caller ID that could only be used by them. Because

this is such a serious answer that we all face at one point of time I think that it must be

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