Unethical And Shop At Brands Like H & M And Forever 21 Essay

Unethical And Shop At Brands Like H & M And Forever 21 Essay

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I agree with the disposition that it is unethical to shop at brands like H&M or Forever 21. Around 80% of unwanted clothes end up landfills or incinerators. H&M and Forever 21 are known to share the similarities of selling cheaply made designer clothes that end up getting thrown away. This can have a detrimental impact on our environment. Americans are known to throw away 14 million tons of clothes a year, and if you were to calculate other countries like Canada, or Germany who also share the H&M and Forever 21 brand then those statistics would be even higher. Due to the amount of fast fashion and cheap quality clothes out there, If you have clothes that you 're trying to get rid of, don’t think that you’ll make any money. Lots of thrift stores like H&M and Forever 21 aren 't accepted fast H&M or Forever 21 tags because they are fast fashion clothes.
For americans in a 20 year cycle, around 80 million americans will throw away around 20 pounds of unwanted clothes. Even though the cotton, and fabrics were once natural, since they’ve been dyed and printed on they don’t degrade like your average fruit peel. Pollster and Nylon can take nearly a hundred years to degrade due to the quality being plastic made from a substance called petroleum. Those statistics are ugly, and the unpleasant truth is that each year the number of clothes being thrown away is increasing.
Trashing unwanted clothes is also not a cheap process. Some cities have been known to pay around $45 per ton of waste that 's sent to those city landfills. For example, it costs cities big cities like New York $20.6 million dollars annually to deal with landfill clothing. It 's no surprise that brands like Forever 21 or H&M are a threat to our society including our eco s...

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... poverty countries.
Many article of clothing from Trans American sources like T-Shirts are used as rags in various auto garages. Many other pieces from Polo’s will be cut and used as insolation for carpeting. Even though its good to down cycle our old goods and re-use them before tossing them again, it still isn’t a “fix” to our problem. Those old rags that were once shirts will still find ways to our landfills.
The cost of our environment isn’t worth commodity that makes us want it. We love our wallets, we love our environment, we love how we transfer old clothing, shouldn’t we all be considerate of where it’s made, how it’s made or how will end up? I hope that the individual that looks into fast fashion behind closed doors knows its environmental consequences. The matters of fast fashion is taxing on our soundings and it’s important for us to be aware of that.

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