Essay on UNESCO Fulbright Fellowship Program Application

Essay on UNESCO Fulbright Fellowship Program Application

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I am applying to the UNESCO Fulbright Fellowship Program to work in the Bureau of Strategic Planning (BSP) within the Division of Programme, Planning, Monitoring and Reporting. As a Fulbright Fellow, I am currently working as an English Teaching Assistant at Gwangyang High School in South Korea. I recently graduated from Williams College, in Williamstown, MA, where I majored in Economics with a concentration in Africana Studies. I am qualified for the UNESCO Fulbright Fellowship because I have a diligent work ethic, experience with research and economic analysis, and I adapt easily to new environments. Furthermore, having grown up and worked in seven different countries, four of which were in Africa, I have a significant international background that includes a record of working successfully alongside people from many different cultures and a deep desire to be involved in policy guidance for developing nations.

I am committed to UNESCO’s mission. My particular background and interests are in advancing the overarching objectives related to sustainable development, education for all, and intercultural dialogue. I also understand the importance of monitoring and administering policy decisions to measure their progress towards defined objectives. Through my previous work with the Economic Policy Research Institute (EPRI), a non-governmental organization that promotes economic growth and social equity in developing countries, I gained valuable experience in this area by laying the groundwork for the future monitoring of a new policy to foster development. With EPRI, I developed a baseline report on a new social development program called Partners in Protection to be implemented in Mozambique. I was involved in every step of this pr...

... middle of paper ... work in the public sector where I can influence policy for education and economic development. I want to pursue this career path because of my desire to delve into the challenges that face developing nations and to participate in the search for solutions. I will continue my advocacy for improving educational quality, cultural understanding, and sustainable development. While working for BSP, I wish to gain experience in the planning, implementation, and monitoring of development policy. I am also interested in learning about the connection between planning and budgeting and how best to maximize policy effectiveness given this constraint. The knowledge and experience gained from this position will be invaluable for my ultimate career goals. Thank you for considering my application. I am grateful for the opportunity to apply and I look forward to hearing from you.

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