Essay on The Unequal Opportunity For Receive Treatment

Essay on The Unequal Opportunity For Receive Treatment

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The unequal opportunity to receive treatment
Jonathan K. Burns (2009) emphasized the findings of a community survey that indicated that Americans do not have equal opportunity to receive proper mental health care treatment. (Burns, 2009) “A community survey in the US (a high-income country), for example, reported that low-income individuals cited financial barriers to accessing care. However, this was not the case in the Netherlands or in Canada, both HICs, where economic disparities and income inequality are lower. Also “ in the US, a household survey of adolescents found that those of low income status reported far more structural barriers to accessing mental health services than did their middle and high-income counterparts.” (Burns, 2009: 23) Victoria Ojeda and Sara Bergstress (2008) conducted a research study by administering surveys to measure the perceptions and attitudes of participants who indicated that they needed mental health care treatment and were not receiving it. 44.5% of participants indicated that finances were a barrier as to why they were not receiving mental health care treatment. (Ojeda, Bergstress, 2008) Charles Zastrow (2014) expressed that studies have shown that when one has a mental illness, they tend to face financial difficulties due to their illness as it “results in a lowered social status and decrease in earning power” (Zastrow: 2014: 159) Social class also dictates the quality of treatment the individual will receive as studies have shown that lower class individuals receive lower quality mental health care. (Zastrow, 2014)
Eric R. Wright and Brea L. Perry (2010) highlighted that existing sociological research, conducted by medical sociologists, has shown that structurally disadv...

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...problematic considering how prevalent it has become in the U.S. Furthermore, I did not find recent existing research on the media’s portrayal of mental illness, which has too often been misrepresented, as it has specially portrayed the mentally ill as violent which may certainly create a sense of fear and feed into the already existing stigma that has countless devastating consequences.
My research fits in, as numerous studies have found that males and females tend to suffer from different mental illnesses. Mental illness is attributed to _ factors. Therefore, the process of socialization and fitting in to the “norm” affects males and females differently. Yet, no reaarch has fouced on how males and females view mental illness, which like being stigmatized for mental illness, is a result of expectations that are reinforced through the media and insisitions.

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