Essay on The Unequal Heating Of The Earth

Essay on The Unequal Heating Of The Earth

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The unequal heating of the earth by the sun is due to the earth’s relationship with the sun and the solar energy that the sun provides. One of the key factors that influences the unequal heating is due to the angle at which the sun hits earth. Earth is shaped as an oblate sphere that rotates around its tilted 23-degree axis from east to west. One rotation around its axis is twenty-four hours, or one day. The earth also rotates around the sun as a revolution or a year. Depending on the earth’s orbit around the sun, the axis may be inclined toward or away from the sun; this is known as the angle of incidence. The angle at which the sun hits earth changes daily as day length either becomes shorter or longer, resulting in a change of season. The sun hits directly at 90 degrees between the Tropic of Cancer, 23.5 degrees N at the June solstice (6/21) and the Tropic of Capricorn at 23.5 degrees S at the December solstice (12/21). The sun also hits the equator at 0 degrees during the Vernal (3/20) and Autumnal (9/22) Equinoxes (Hess & McKnight, 21). Due to the earth’s 23.5 degree tilt on its axis, its rotation around it’s axis and the revolution or its orbit around the sun, all result in the unequal heating of earth by the sun.

2. Describe the roles that water vapor, carbon dioxide, and particulates play in the atmospheric process.
Water vapor, carbon dioxide, and particulates all play a role in the atmospheric process as variable gases that make up the troposphere. These gases have huge influences on weather and climate. As solar energy enters through the atmosphere in shortwave radiation, some of the radiation is reflected back into space or is absorbed by the earth’s surface. This energy is then released by the earth’s surface in long...

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...the poles. In general the warm currents are pushed up on the eastern coasts of continents and the cold currents are pushed down along the west coasts of continents. This is noticeable in Halifax located on the east coast of the North American continent as they experience intense storms including hurricanes, that are pushed up from the warm waters of the tropics. For Seattle most of their precipitation is accumulated during their winter months, but doesn’t experience Pacific storms due to its location within the Puget Sound area. The last factor that can influence climate is altitude, even though there isn’t much difference between Seattle and Halifax at 520 feet and 476.5 feet, Minneapolis is at about 830 feet. So there is a small amount of average lapse rate that could be applied here, but I think it is pretty minimal in order for it to be considered a factor here.

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