Essay on Unequal Distribution of Wealth

Essay on Unequal Distribution of Wealth

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First and foremost, Adam Smith was very conscious of how the wealth was unequally distributed amongst the poor versus the wealthy, and how and if this distribution continued it would leave the poor at a disadvantage, in the sense they will never have the opportunity to move ahead and will always be at the mercy of those who possessed more wealth. Mr. Smith viewed economics contrarily than the mercantilist. Compared to the days of old, the views of economics and mercantilism based wealth on the amount of gold and silver the nation provided, and how the import of goods from other countries would adversely affect the wealth of a country, as the reality was, trade was notably one-sided, it only benefited the seller and not the buyer, and it was believed that countries can only become wealthy by making other nations or countries poorer. However Mr. Smiths’ views were in contrast, believing the wealth of a nation was centered around production and commerce and not gold and silver, his belief also viewed trade as a positive, as it could only increase productivity, and both parties would benefit from the exchange the seller as well as the buyer. (Smith, 1776)
The main reason Mr. Smith attacked this issue of “unequal distribution” was to bring attention to the ever rising problem and try to get others to see the issue for what it was, and also try to slow it down before the issue got out of control. Mr. Smith could foresee that the world in his era had not changed much from the previous period in this regard; the only difference from one era to the next is that the issues were concealed better and are less transparent and these are the issues that were set -forth by Smith. The truth and facts about “Unequal distribution” can cause socia...

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... with many weaknesses, and in order for this ideology to succeed in the 21st century it would have to be revised and overcome the short sightedness and adjusted to today’s economy. Smith's idea of capitalism was never derived to act as a way for people to profit at the expense of the less fortunate, and to keep the lower half of society oppressed and dominated by the higher class. If there were a slim chance Adam Smith’s ideology could work in the 21st century all classes must be able to advance at equal rates. Is that possible? Not sure. But when this idea got lost the more selfish attributes of our being was when our real efforts for survival began. The reality of it all is that having more wants than we need will continue drive some sort of division between the classes, and consuming more than we need impends our capacity to have anything in foreseeable future.

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