Unequal Distribution Of Wealth And Income Inequality Essay

Unequal Distribution Of Wealth And Income Inequality Essay

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There seems to be a huge gap of inequality and it seems to do nothing less than get bigger. Inequality is an issue within our country and is restraining the U.S. from being top notch the way it could be if we put more effort in. The U.S. has the most unequal distribution of wealth and income by far. The middle class is the heart of the economy and it keeps it going.
The United States of America has the most unequal distribution of income and wealthy far, verging to an even greater inequality (5:33). The pillow company CEO is interested in lessening income inequality, because even though he is rich, it still effects him. With the problem of income inequality, his products cannot be sold as much. This is because people are no longer able to afford the products his company sells. It’s not only effecting him, but everyone else in his position too. He also sees the problem in our economy and recognizes that this needs to be fixed. Soon enough, he won’t have many customers, and he won’t be making money any longer.
The rich have the tendency to save their money, because they have so much of it, they are able to do so. Unlike the middle class and poor, in which they need to use all of their money so they can live. Industries need the middle class and poor to spend money the way they do so they can make their own money. It’s mostly just the middle class that provide them with their income by spending money at their companies. The customers, or middle class, are the job creators; not the wealthy ones. Without the customers, there is nothing to be done and nothing to be sold. The middle class is struggling and they need to get help otherwise there will no longer be many jobs left.
In the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s the “virtuous cycle” crea...

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.... I also feel that we would spend more money doing it that way. People would raise prices for those things to be done and people wouldn’t be able to afford it; they can hardly afford things the way it is now. I mean, maybe we could have a chose of you chose what you want to be done, but that’s the best compromise I think there is. I don’t think you should have to settle for one or the other if you don’t want to. I suppose you could also do something where you could buy some things come out of taxes though.
This video really did it’s justice in explaining the inequality gap. The middle class is the heart of the economy and we need it. We can improve our country by focusing on our people and not on other irrelevant things. We need to close the inequality gap that tends to keep expanding. The economy needs to focus more on the people if we want to improve as a whole.

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