Unequal Childhoods, By Annette Lareau Essay

Unequal Childhoods, By Annette Lareau Essay

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The book Unequal Childhoods, 2nd edition, written by Annette Lareau, I will be focusing on social issues such as class and race that had a major part to do with the book. The book contains an overview of how social class in the white and African-American families, structure their parenting styles. After the original researches on the families were done, Lareau revisited with the families to examine, their social class transitions into adulthood. Studies have shown that the social class and race of a child’s or parents they belong to, matters for future references. Ultimately, It matters for school, sports progress and occupational success.
In our class discussions, we talk about the advantages that the upper and middle class families has on the working class people in society and experiences some students endure within these families. Lareau home base research, showed these advantages, during her observations. For example The Tallinger family and the African American families middle class families, they have a well structured supportive system for their children, even though it seemed a bit overloaded, it included a schedule with a numerous amount of activities and also involvement with their schools and personal lives. Having such a structure provided a base for the children to be successful in their endeavors throughout life. The working classes families on the other hand, are at a disadvantage because they do not have access to any of these resources like capital to provide a better educational and supportive system for their children.
Also, parents in the working class families believe that as long as there children reach between the ages of 16-18, you are able to make your own decisions, get a job, support your self and hel...

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...d having free time for extended family and friends. The middle class family seems a bit over the top or may needs to go see a psychiatrist because they have been brought up a certain way and believe that is the only way. The way Lareau portray the working class families, I think it was a bit bias because, I did not see any other working class families who act just as the middle class families but have to utilize the little resources they have, to the best of their potential, it may not be lavish like the middle class families, but there are some working class people out there, who work a 9 to 5 shift just to make sure that there children have the same opportunities. Those are the people that I hardly saw much about. Overall some situations we can’t change, but the best we can do is fight to bring awareness and help these people as Christian’s leaders, who are trying.

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