Unemployment From The People Who Beg For Our Money On The Sides Of Roads

Unemployment From The People Who Beg For Our Money On The Sides Of Roads

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Unemployment can be seen every day, here in America. We can see the effects of unemployment from the people who beg for our money on the sides of roads, through people we know, and also from ourselves; we may even be affected by it. As you can see, no matter what, unemployment will be seen by us, the Americans. This topic is important not only because it is the most known issue in America, but also because unemployment can be seen daily by so many Americans. We will start by going over two separate articles that discuss unemployment, and end by covering how the textbook covers this unemployment.
The first article that we will cover is “What the Unemployment Rate Shows” by Jo Craven McGinty, which was written for The Wall Street Journal, on March 4, 2016. This article explains what the March 4th report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says in layman terms. McGinty, starts by explaining what the monthly report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is, and what it shows. McGinty explains that the monthly report shows unemployment rates, but she herself disagrees with the unemployment rate that is shown off the most; McGinty says, “It’s a quick way to assess how many people might be experiencing financial hardship, but it’s impossible to capture the experiences of everyone in the country with a single data point” (wsj.com).
Using examples of cities like Salt Lake City and Bakersfield California, McGinty explains that the unemployment rate is not the same everywhere. She then goes on to explain the different unemployment rates that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics releases. She covers topics like the U6 rate, the U5 rate, and all the other U rates that they have. From there, McGinty goes on to explain what types of unempl...

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...ewer adults working is supported in the book. On page 141, the book talks about how the labor force has grown smaller due to people retiring, going to college, and also due to workers who have given up on finding jobs. Another subject that both Long and the textbook cover is wage growth. Long talks about wage growth being around 2.5% per year, while the book talks wage growth being around 3% on page 136; interestingly, this difference may be due to the textbook being written a couple of years earlier than the article.
As you can now see, it is not just textbooks that talk about unemployment– even everyday articles cover the topic of unemployment. Everyone is affected by unemployment– whether they are unemployed themselves or know someone who is unemployed. This is one of the few topics that I can truly say does not just affect a few people, but everyone as a whole.

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