Undocumented Immigration And The United States Essay examples

Undocumented Immigration And The United States Essay examples

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The United States is filled with diverse groups of all countries coming together to be

equal in this country. One public concern is undocumented immigration and the global

phenomenon behind it. Many undocumented immigrants live among us; they’re family, friends

and neighbors among us. A possible approach to the concern on undocumented immigration is

considering a long term pattern that focuses on Amnesty type policies for eligible candidates.

America has passed well-intended laws; Civil Rights of 1964 and Naturalization Act of 1965.

However, these short term solutions have not created a framed policy that has led to combat the

issues undocumented immigrants frequently face in the United States. Administration officials

need to combat the internal corruption in all identities within power to make a positive change in

immigration policies through one-time organized Amnesty with no future anticipation.

Presidents Reagan and Clinton were the first to declare Amnesty in 1986 until 2001 when

Bush took over presidency.  Amnesty was a short term solution that granted undocumented

immigrants the right to become temporary legal residents. The law also intended to increase

funds for Border Patrol deterring undocumented immigrants by perceiving a Border that was

difficult to successfully cross. During Amnesty, the pre-filing period, the number of immigrants

crossing the Border decreased. However, shortly after the filing numbers were back to previous

years. All immigration policies are well-intended. There are contradictions within the policies. In

order to effectively address the problem it’s important to understand the inner error within

previous immigration policies. “Any immigration policy has to answe...

... middle of paper ...

...isa backlogs, and develop new legal channels for future immigrants” (Gerken,

p. 249). Undocumented immigrants do not desire to live unlawfully among us, but are forced to.

The current immigration reform system is setting the United States to abuse and exploit people

because of their challenged status in America. Central, Southern and Mexico are the top

countries that face obstacles because of the high numbers of migration. However, it is possible to

fix the immigration reform for a long period of time by combating the defense through

pressuring congress, government and state. “Economist generally agree that large scale

immigration has brought a net gain to the economy” (Graham, p. 176). The interest of all people

in the U.S. legally or illegally should be addressed in society through economic, political and

social change for the good of all people..

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