Undocumented Immigrants Should Not Be Treated With Equality Essay

Undocumented Immigrants Should Not Be Treated With Equality Essay

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For many years, the United States has dealt with immigrants sneaking into the
country. Along with them sneaking into the United States, there has also been a lot of disrespect and violence towards the undocumented immigrants. In reality, the American people don 't realize that these immigrants are in search of a better life in a country where they can live comfortably without being harassed by the corrupt government. There have also been children trying to sneak into the United States to avoid the corruption and frightening circumstances in Mexico. Undocumented immigrant students should not have limits on their education and should be treated with equality because it 's not fair to treat a student differently only because they were not born in this country.
Undocumented students are often seen as easy targets for bullies because of their dark skin and lack of speaking and comprehending the English language. According to Jose Healy, an editor at The Wall Street Journal, a sixteen-year-old undocumented student, named Feliciano, was being bullied at school. When the student confronted the teachers and staff about the situation, they just asked the bully to stop, but that only made the situation worse. One day, Feliciano got tired of everything that the bully did to him on a day-to-day basis and decide to fight back. The bully received a broken arm after their the fight, Feliciano received a restraining order from the court. This article is a good example of how the harassment on undocumented students could escalate and give them a bad reputation in the eyes of Americans. Although in this circumstance the American boy bullied an undocumented student, the one that will be looked at in a bad way would be the immigrant student. That se...

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Therefore, undocumented immigrant students should have to deal with all the disrespect and violence brought towards them. The only thing that undocumented students are trying to do is get an education just like every other American student. The American people should give them a chance to prove how bad they want their education, but it 's not right to let immigrant students get bullied and then put the blame on them when they defend their selves. It 's not right to also blame them for the college tuition price going up because the colleges and universities will try to make as much money as they can while they can. That 's what the United States is about, giving people opportunities that are not possible in other countries. If you 're not convinced in giving the undocumented students a chance in furthering their education, then you 're entitled to your opinion.

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