Essay about Undocumented Immigrants And The Immigration System

Essay about Undocumented Immigrants And The Immigration System

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The citizenship pathway is overwhelmingly long and difficult to complete, sometimes putting many undocumented immigrants who came here on a legal basis with a visa in a difficult position to stay illegally. Of course there is never an excuse to break the law, but realistically speaking most people would make the same decision to stay illegally if leaving the country meant leaving behind family members, education, businesses, and investments. It is critical that we have empathy as people and realize that most undocumented immigrants mean no harm, the system is just too difficult. The incredulously difficult system is discussed in the article Let (a lot more of) them in. The immigration system currently set in place divides the group of potential immigrant candidates into a compilation of categories and subcategories that each has a complex requirement. Green card holders who may want their spouse in their home country to join them usually have to wait years. Depending on the country the waiting times to receive a green card for unmarried adult children or siblings of an American citizen can take anywhere from seven to twenty-two years (Shikha Dalmia, 2015). In these extreme cases, it is more than understandable why a person would take matters into their own hands, even at the cost of breaking the law. The article Angels in America echoes the sentiment that parents should not be separated from their children and from the investments they have established in the United States even at the cost of disobeying the rigid laws (John Tierney, 2006).Perhaps it is time for the United States to make some real reforms to the immigration system so that illegal action done in desperation will not be necessary.
Amnesty for current undocumented imm...

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...ip for a plethora of understandable reasons as discussed in Undocumented Workers Should Not Receive Legal Status. The first reason being that unauthorized citizens should not receive legal standing because in doing so that would reward people who purposefully broke the law and waive the rules for these lawbreakers. The second argument in the article is that in granting amnesty to those who did not obey the laws, it would not be fair to those who have respectfully obeyed the laws to come to the country and to stay in the country. The third argument the article makes is that amnesty would allow aliens to circumvent security checks opening the gates to possible criminals being allowed to stay in the country; an example: in 1993 a terrorist leader who had been legalized through amnesty was one of the leaders that organized the World Trade Center (Clare Hanrahan, 2008).

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