Undeveloped Nations in Africa: Mali Essays

Undeveloped Nations in Africa: Mali Essays

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Undeveloped Nation - Environmental problem
Mali is a nation that is an excellent case study representing the undeveloped nations in the Sahel. In Mali, only 28% of the 11 million national populations actually live in urban settings such as the capital city of Bamako. Most of the populace is spread across rural settlements. However, even urban centers lack consistent energy coverage. Only 25% of Bamako citizens have access to electricity because Mali is too poor to import more used fossil fuels, or set up large energy infrastructure. Therefore, most of the nation’s population is reliant on fuel-wood and animal dung, which has lead to major environmental problem which is “desertification” “Desertification” is the process describing the natural expansion of the desert, where fertile or semi-fertile land is assimilated into the desert due to the lack of plant and grass roots anchoring the soil in place. It is prevalent in arid climates where rain doesn’t fall frequently enough to maintain basic foliage levels. The heavy dependence on fuel wood, combined with poor farming practices has expedited this process throughout the continent in nations located at the edges of the desert. The loss of cultivatable land to the desert has caused massive starvation. In the past, and is expected to cause even more in the future if the rapid destruction of foliage isn’t curbed.
Undeveloped Nation - Socio-economic problems
Changing a person’s way of life is never easy, and as such, introducing modern energy solutions to the more remote parts of Africa poses a social and economic challenge. Most undeveloped nations and rural settlements cannot afford modern energy systems. Therefore, to introducing modern energy solutions to this nation and rural sett...

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...Zafarana wind farm, 222 turbines were installed to generate 140 MW; it was expected to expand to 600MW in 2010. It is the largest renewable energy project in Africa.
Overall, most of the undeveloped nations in Africa were unable to provide electric to their people. In addition, only a portion of people is using renewable energy; the remaining population is not which damages the environment greatly. The solutions are lower the population level and to increasing more renewable energy source however there are some problems that are holding them back. These problems are lack of money, unstable governments / corruption, unequal distribution of wealth, and civil unrest. These are the main problems that cause most of Africa nations can achieve safe and secure energy resource. Before solving this problem, energy is Africa is still a difficult problem to solve.

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