Essay on Understandings of Life´s Wealth

Essay on Understandings of Life´s Wealth

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In life people have different fates encountering different situations but they key to a successful life is the matter of acceptance and how you face reality that fate brings. People have different interpretation of wealth, some people consider materials as a form of wealth but for others wealth would be the people who truly cares and loves you no matter what situation you are in. Helping the people in need especially the people that is very close to your heart. New York is a place of love for most people, a place where different dreams come true. Danny is a struggling musician, living paycheck by paycheck wiping tables. He is living independently by the time his mother died. Danny have an interest in music, he believes in the power of music and how it can touch souls and last forever. He works in the restaurant for one reason, the chance to play with piano before and after work. He doesn’t believe that money is the most important factor in the world. He believes that what your heart desire comes first before any unnecessary material things. He thinks life is too short to waste time and live a life that someone else had set up for you.
Ariana is a wealthy college girl who doesn’t have the ability to hear. She was diagnose with meningitis in a young age and ends up losing her hearing. Ariana’s mother shelters her, protecting her from the world. She didn’t give Ariana choices but decides everything for her. She prevents Ariana from learning sign language because she wants her to dependent on her. Victoria, Ariana’s mother wants to control her given the fact that she is deaf, she didn’t disagree with her mother’s wishes .She listens to her with no hesitation. She assumes that her mother knows best, until the day she met Danny who disp...

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...ed a rich life helping people around him. Danny’s action correlates with The Allegory of the cave, Jesus parable: the parable of poor widow and Bhagavad Gita. All this stories relates on Danny’s way of living. The allegory of the cave showed how Danny showed the real world to Ariana. The parable of the poor widow and how Danny offered every penny he have to George and Bhagavad Gita on how he accepted his misfortunes. People have different understandings of life’s wealth, people live in different manner and have different ways of accepting fate I admired Danny so much because he is not blinded with material wealth, he dwells on whatever he believes and he acknowledges different situation and people that he encounters in his life.

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Edited by John Raniere and Peter Savastano. “Journey of Transformation” Seton Hall University copyright c2012.

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