Understanding Zora 's ' The Great Gatsby ' Essay

Understanding Zora 's ' The Great Gatsby ' Essay

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Understanding Zora

It is amazing to think that when babies are born there is not a little bit of hate, or racism inside of you, instead babies are born without a single negative thought; when a baby is born, the baby resembles purity; purity is a very passive word when thinking about it. The baby opens his/her eyes and just wonders, and as he/she grows older they begin to learn, and see the amazing things this world has to offer them, but they also see the ugly things. This essay is about a young girl, that grew full of happiness, and came to learn the harsh reality about how she was seen by other people when they saw her skin color (black).
In Fifty Great Essays on “How It Feels to Be Colored”, Zora was a young innocent girl that was barely learning to live; she describes living in the “Little town of Eatonville” where only black people lived. She grew up just like any other regular black children, she only knew what her parents taught her. Imagine how her parents felt knowing the truth about how it feels to be a black person and seen by the white people as inferior, it has to be a sad picture, but like any other parent, they understand that they had to let their fears aside and let their children wander, and grow up without fear, to make their own decisions. Zora did just that, from the age of one through the age of thirteen Zora did not know what was like to be “Black,” while for others in the town being in front of the porch “might seem a daring place” (DiYanni 145) because of all the white people that passed by, for Zora, being “atop the gate-post” was a great feeling, Zora being naïve, and full of ignorance, she did not know anything about racism, Zora just knew that white people only passed through town, and this was no...

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...hat she was not going to lose “On the line!” The Reconstruction said “Get set!” and the generation before said “Go!” (DiYanni 146)
In her journey, Zora discovered that her color is viewed differently, even though being colored might have been an impact that cripple others of her same race, she accepts who she was, and was not afraid of showing her beautiful dark color to the world. Zora did not pity herself for being a black person, instead she felt bad for others, that did not accept her for who she was, and judged her because of her color. Despite the fact that racism caught Zora off guard, racism did not cripple her her future, she chose to walk with pride the roughest path a black person could walk in her era. Zora’s self-pride, and recognizing that she was not the problem, positive attitude, and good sense of humor made her journey possible.

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