Understanding the Will of God: The Shack by William P. Young Essay

Understanding the Will of God: The Shack by William P. Young Essay

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The Shack is a riveting book that presents an answer to the question, “Where is God in a world so filled with unspeakable pain?” The reader learns the communications of three theological truths revealed through Young’s words: revelation, salvation, and the Trinity. The amazing story challenges the reader to understand God’s plan in its entirety.
As the novel opens, Young introduces Mackenzie Allen Phillips as the main character. The story unfolds as Mack’s daughter is abducted during a family vacation. Her body is never recovered, though the police find evidence in an old shack to prove that she was brutally murdered by an infamous serial killer. Young illustrates how his daughter’s death ultimately causes Mack to live in the shadow of his Great Sadness. He eventually receives a note from “Papa” (God) inviting him to return to the shack so they may spend time together. Mack is skeptical of the suspicious note, but eventually gains the confidence to visit the shack. Mack then experiences a weekend encounter with the Trinity in the shack. Young illustrates each member of the Godhead manifested in a bodily form. The doctrine of revelation is considered important. Revelation explains the way God chooses to reveal Himself to man. “Papa” is depicted as a large African-American woman. Jesus is a Jewish, middle-aged man from Middle-Eastern descent; the Holy Spirit, known as Sarayu, is a light and eclectic Asian woman. In addition, Mack meets Sophia, who is the personification of God’s wisdom. Revelation proves to be a central point in The Shack. Young’s goal is to deviate from the stereotypical view of God, so that the reader may focus on the message that he is trying to portray.
The reader discovers that Mack was invited to the sha...

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... learns that he should “trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thy own understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5) Mack is finally able to lead the authorities to where his daughter’s body lay. Through the help of forensic evidence discovered at the scene, the authorities are able to locate and arrest the serial killer. Young truly depicts a worthy story through the pages of The Shack.
William P. Young presents a truly a heartfelt testimony to the reader in The Shack. The novel compels the average believer to deepen their relationship with God. Personally, the book has challenged me to understand the will of God on a more intimate level. I highly recommend the book to people of all ages. In my opinion, the students of Foundation Academy will prosper spiritually from the message. The Shack emphasizes the understanding of theology and wisdom within each page.

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