Essay on Understanding The Social And Economic Progression Of A Nation

Essay on Understanding The Social And Economic Progression Of A Nation

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Insight into a countries population characteristics are an integral component into understanding the social and economic progression of a nation. There are several population elements in particular that offer a more in depth understanding of a countries demographic outlook; such as age and sex demographics, fertility and mortality rates, and annual population growth. There are several other demographic factors of which aren’t discussed that provide furthered intensive understandings into the demographic topic that link into the mentioned population subjects, such as immigration and emigration. In addition, the understanding of such features creates the basis for informed future political decision making, policy development, and planning processes (SPC, 2007) as to ensure the future integrity of a nation’s civil infrastructure development, economic progression targets, and social wellbeing is readily catered for. Thus highlighting the importance of being able to interpret such data.
Below is the quarter century transitions of total population statistics for three developed countries (Australia, France, and the United States of America) and three developing countries (Brazil, Nigeria, and Turkey), as defined by the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. For the purpose of this assignment the focus will be the divulging into the aforementioned population elements of these selected nations in an attempt to explain the population expansion within these countries from the years 1990 to 2015. With emphasis on revealing any comparative patterns and dissimilarities within the data between these countries which may assist in explaining the demographic expansion within this time frame.
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... WWI and WWII have left demographic impacts on all English speaking countries as well as Turkey within the relevant age and sex brackets in both 1990 and 2015. Secondly, all countries aside from Nigeria have established a broader age and sex demographic since 1990. Nigeria does not compare to the developed countries as well as the two other developing countries in all categories except total population where the United States sit atop of. However its total 1990 population increased by close to 100%. This provides insight into the extent of its continuously expanding population figures. Thirdly, a trend within the developing countries is the declining birthrates; a contrasting theme however is how while both Turkey and Brazils APG declined Nigeria’s increased. Another observation concerning APG is how all countries projected a stagnant period of APG from 1994 to 1997.

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