Essay on Understanding The Signs Of The Sun, Moon And Ascendant

Essay on Understanding The Signs Of The Sun, Moon And Ascendant

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From the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, to the Three Wise Men and modern day Muslims, the stars have always been of great cultural and spiritual importance for people all across the globe. The constellations have meanings that exemplify different types of people and things in the natural world. These stars are the “blueprint” of humanity, giving mankind a better understanding of the world and themselves through the astrological birth chart. There are three vital references of the astrological chart that are necessary to understanding the signs of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant. These sources of insight are found in an array of literature such as Psalm Eight, the legend of the constellation Perseus and A Child 's Dream of a Story written by Charles Dickens. These novels are key sources to unveiling the symbolic meaning of the constellations and are central part of the human experience. 
 The constellations are groups of stars that form a pattern that is traditionally named after a mythological figure. These names derive from the poets, farmers and astronomers of the past 6,000 years. The purpose of naming these constellations is to enable people to identify a group of stars from another coexisting set, nothing more. On a dark night, the typical person may be able to witness the dark, majestic sky lit up by the glow of innumerable stars. Without naming these groups of stars, known as constellation, telling them apart would be nearly impossible. Furthermore, the naming of these stars helps astronomers and star enthusiasts alike break up the sky into more manageable parts. These names are not assigned randomly, but by using mnemonics or memory aids. For example, if a person was to see three stars in a line in the winter evening, ...

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...y. Seeking vengeance, Poseidon sends a sea monster, and the only thing that would appease it was a human sacrifice specifically, Andromeda. So the king and queen reluctantly chained their daughter to a rock for the monster to eat, in order to save their kingdom. Perseus, on his way back from slaying Medusa, noticed Andromeda chained to the rock, so he set her free and killed the sea monster. The two of them were married, and when they died, became adjacent constellations (Perseus Myths 18).
 Few things exemplify the constellations better than this story of Perseus due to him being a mythological figure revered and admired by many all around the world. He is known to be both intelligent and decisive as time and again he makes quick judgement calls of the situations he is in. One example of this unique set of character traits is his fight against Medusa. Medusa, being

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