Understanding The Nursing Home Company Mv Health And Their Worker 's Current Situation

Understanding The Nursing Home Company Mv Health And Their Worker 's Current Situation

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1 Introduction
The main objective of this case study analysis is to understand the nursing home company MV Health and their worker’s current situation. Due to changes in the company’s management and structure, the organisation wants to attain the goals of more efficiency and profitability. The impacts of actions taken and the general strategy will be analysed regarding the relevant Human Resource Management issues with the example of nurse advisor Sarah who is the main character in this case study. To do so, different specialized literature will be used to point out effects and coherences between the analysed issues.
2 Identification of the two key HRM issues with the case study
In the case study “MV Health” there are two key issues related to Human Resource Management in the aged care industry presented. After the merger and restructure of MV Health, which implicated a new overall senior management, the work environment changed for the employees. The presented nursing supervisor Sarah now has to perform different jobs that are not related to her profession such as more paperwork or cleaning. In addition, the work load got bigger because of legal changes that were adopted by the senior management which implicates a higher number of non-professional casual workers. Furthermore, the nurses do not have breaks at the same time and need authorisation for any item they want to order. Because of that the nursing supervisor Sarah feels unmotivated, stressed and not respected for her work. Therefore, the two HRM key issues that can be identified are health and wellbeing as well as job design.

3 Discussion of the academic literature about these issues
The focus of the following analysis will be on the two HRM key issues that were iden...

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... labour turnover rates as many workers are unsatisfied with their tasks. Furthermore, the employees work rather inefficient than efficient as they cannot use any synergies between their tasks which are too different from their profession.
5 Recommendations
In order to attain their goals MV Health should consider the needs of their employees. Therefore the job design should be improved which will also reduce workplace stress and increase the employees wellbeing. A focus should lie on the workers satisfaction, therefore MV Health should only give educated nurses the authority to give out medication and also order new items. Furthermore, there should be professional cleaners and office-workers employed so that the nurses can focus on the job they trained to do. In addition to that, the workers should have breaks together to create a healthy, social work environment.

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