Understanding The Mental State Of A Person With A Mental Disorder Essay

Understanding The Mental State Of A Person With A Mental Disorder Essay

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Mental disorders have been existed for hundreds of years, recognizing the different characteristics in many of these disorders take a collaboration of study and therapy. In order to understand the mental state of a person with a mental disorder it takes many different types of techniques to give the appropriate diagnose. Some mental disorders has many similar patterns and characteristically that can be misdiagnose is not treated properly. Asperger disorder is indeed one of the mental disorders that can be very misleading.
Asperger syndrome is a nervous disorder which is classified as one of the universal developmental disorders (PDD). It is characterized by significant impairment in social impairment, as well as the development of repetitive and controlled fields of interest. Asperger syndrome was first known in 1944 but was only formally recognized as a diagnostic category in the DSM IV in 1994. As a result, many children were misdiagnosed over the years as Attention Deficit Disorder /Hyperactivity Disorders (ADD/HD), autistic, Obsessive Compulsive Behavior (OCD), or even Schizophrenia. Asperger it may also refers as High functioning Autism (HFA) or even Nonverbal Learning Disability (Gillberg, 2002).
Autism is a behavioral diagnose contained three diagnostic entities that together make up autism as reported in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual, Fourth Edition, are autistic disorder, Asperger disorders, and pervasive developmental disorder. There are not distinctions between the diagnostic theories of autistic disorder and Asperger disorder it is important to rule out other potential diagnoses before determining whether a child has Asperger. Asperger is part of the autism spectrum and may be mistaken for autism. In a discussio...

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...f the medications.
In conclusion, the results of my study provide interesting information that can demonstrate the misleading diagnose of the Asperger syndrome. This research collected in these research provide active evidence that indicate misdiagnose of Asperger syndrome and the use of medications that can lead to harm people that suffered from these condition.

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