Essay on Understanding The Key Principles Of Leadership

Essay on Understanding The Key Principles Of Leadership

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Being aware of the fact that I have little or no knowledge of how other culture(s) behave or do business and having seen the course content earlier I was looking forward to this course because part of my long term goals is to work in a multinational organization as an International marketing manager and also establish my own company – an interior design/décor company that will operate internationally. Although, I have always been fascinated by international causes and effects; about how countries interact with and affect each other, about the proverbial butterfly that flaps its wings in one part of the world and causes a hurricane in another; for me to be able to achieve my goals effectively I have to be well-equipped on how to lead and manage in such capacity. It is true that leadership is not about “titles” or the position you occupy but as someone that is passionate about making positive impact in the life of others and in any environment I find myself, understanding the key principles of leadership from an individual that “walks the talk” of leadership is something I believe is essential to get to where I want to be. I have always held the notion that “life is a journey and not a destination” - there is more to life than attaining titles, no one knows it all we are presented with the opportunity of learning each day it is your choice to either make use of that opportunity or not, and we can never be over-prepared for an opportunity but it is necessary that I am prepared before I am presented with such an opportunity. Therefore, my expectation for this course was to be ready for the opportunity when it comes, get more practical knowledge and understand why some things have to be done in a certain manner, so deep within I saw th...

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...power/authority can take you where you want to go but cannot sustain you at that position. It is what we value that most that is being portrayed because for instance when faced with pressure it is what lies beneath that comes out and we have to be careful so as not to be unethical. There should be a difference between risk and ethical practices, going the extra miles or trying to handle a challenge does not warrant the free will to get involved in unethical practices. As stated earlier, what might be unethical in one culture can be slightly different in another, but as an individual to be an effective leader.
In closing, having learnt and gained several insights from this course, putting these above lessons to action will enhance and improve my ability to function better as a manager and/or leader as well as aid my preparation for a career in international business.

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