Essay about Understanding The Information System Integration

Essay about Understanding The Information System Integration

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As demonstrated in figure 1, the IMIS is composed of sub systems that operate within the inter-ministerial arrangement. Through the establishment of an inter-sectors flow of information, the system links the Ministry of Higher Education with other government agencies that have interests in the higher educational sectors. The IMIS coordinates information resources and integrates the various sources into one harmonized system that serves the Ministry of Higher Education handling the high education matters.
4.4 Organizational Integration
Organizational integration is the linkages between different departments in an organization. It is defined as the extent to which independent units or components are connected to make a unified whole. The components include people, technology, processes, and may include departments, units, and corroborating agencies. Organization integration is characterized by both internal and external integration where internal integration deals with the organization internal processes and external deals with the inter-linkages with corroborating agencies.
4.5. Information System Integration
The information system integration is viewed through two approaches, from a technical standpoint, integration is viewed as a mechanism that depicts the inter-connectedness of technologies, and the extent of a conceptual representation of information and data are shared. Integration is the degree to which various sub systems of an organization can be linked and have the ability to communicate to each other. The second approach is viewed as the linkage of two or more independent organizations that standardize their business processes to ease communication and sharing of information and data.
The chief goal of information syste...

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...ould be the one expected to align with the organization. It is at this juncture that problems arise regarding the adoption of the new technology. Should the management force the organization to align with the new technology, the users and consumers of the information generated using the system are often likely to resist the change (Poba-Nzaou et al., 2015). It should be acknowledged that the integrated management information system is implemented to support the existing organization processes while preserving and justifying the investment in the system.
4.11. Institutional Framework
In implementing the IMIS, all the existing services including the college admissions, finance, employee salaries, curriculum development, and other administrative information are rationalized and strengthened through the existing processes with the aim of managing the flow of information.

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