Essay about Understanding the Importance of Policy, Procedures and Protocols

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In every department, in every state there is always a policy, procedure and protocol that each and every worker must abide by. You cannot be an officer, working at the highest standard without actually following and understanding the importance of policy, procedure and the protocol. Firstly policies are highly important in this line of work, many people think that being an officer gives you the power to arrest anyone, however they are completely wrong. Before an officer can merely go on duty he must understand the policies so when he does go on duty he does not break the policy and get himself/herself in a lot of trouble. Having a policy keeps order in the work place and out on the streets. An officer is a role model for everyone in the city, meaning what an officer does and how they react to a situation does affect the general mind-set and actions of that of the public. Policies are especially important for new officers, starting out. The policy is number one on the list of need to know things once you join the LSPD. Not following policy can easily get you in a lot of trouble, and d...

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