Essay on Understanding The Demographics Of A Country

Essay on Understanding The Demographics Of A Country

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Understanding the demographics of a country is an important step to gaining the complete picture for the long-term trajectory. Metrics around the mortality and fertility are vital to this foundational knowledge, they are the building blocks for making sense of large-scale trends such as the demographic transition. In this report I look to perform an analysis around these metrics so that we can know where the country is headed and what the future holds.
The Indus Valley Civilization has been around long before the country of India. Physically located at the southern tip of the Asian continent - also referred to as a subcontinent - has a very interesting geographical, cultural, social, and political history. The people from this region have occupied one of the most contested lands in human history. The land of present day India has been occupied and/or colonized by the Portuguese, Dutch, Danes, French, Mughals, and most famously, the British. India as an independent nation has only existed since it has gained freedom from the British, after a long and tumultuous revolution, in 1947. Since independence and the partition of the country into India and Pakistan, the state and national boundaries of the country have been fairly fixed with only minor changes. Although these actual changes have been infrequent, there continues to be strong rivalries and disputes over land ownership - the best known of this is the India/Pakistan border. This complex web of powers and ever-changing dynamic has led to an intriguing demographical history.
The first thing that we can look at to get an understanding of India’s demographic changes over time are mortality trends. Mortality rates are important to understand the changing dynamics of a country. Mo...

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...marriage under the age of 18 is illegal - and creating a national family planning program. From 1961 to 1993 we have seen a slow and steady rise in the mean age for marriage for females from 16.1 to 20.0. (Das & Dey, 1998) As fertility rates continue to fall because of such policies, there have been massive increases in the migration patterns of the country. (Chandrasekhar & Sharma, 2014)
India is on the verge of becoming one of the first major developing countries to close its demographic transition. Although it has been slower than expected, the country is on the right track with many institutions working hard to ensure a successful transition. If the pattern of post transition that has worked for countries in the west continues, India is on pace to see national prosperity and revitalization in the coming decades. Now all that is left to do is to watch and wait.

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