Understanding The Customer Purchase Decision Making Process Essay

Understanding The Customer Purchase Decision Making Process Essay

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Understanding the customer purchase decision-making process is of great importance to all organizations. This understanding can be used as the basis for creating marketing strategies that suit the needs of the customers. The main purpose of this report is to develop an understanding of acceptable standards of branding and how it can be applied to create effective marketing strategies. This analytical report is targeted at managers in different organizations, to help them understand the importance of branding and how this can affect the success of their organizations. This report can be applied to a multinational context as it explores a variety of topics that are globally acceptable.
This analytical report begins with an explanation of two of the most popular decision-making strategies: heuristics and linear decision-making. The report explains that the heuristic model of decision-making is based on personal opinion, tastes, preferences, as well as intuition. On the other hand, liner decision making is based on analytical comparisons that take place in a step-by-step process. While the heuristic model may lead to fast decision-making, using the linear model may take time before one arrives at a particular decision, This repot goes ahead to explain the major differences between these two models through an informative discussion of how each model works.
Branding is an important aspect of successful businesses in the modern world. Through good branding and effective marketing strategies, companies are able to reach a wider market. This report explains the importance of brand differentiation in influencing customers’ perception of particular businesses and products. An in-depth analysis of the advantages of brand differentiation is...

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... advantages of this approach are well documented in the report, with a specific focus on the Motorola Company and how it successfully used this strategy to foster growth. Moreover, the article mentions that each company must use a unique approach that is suitable to its needs. The report also discusses the application of this process in the healthcare sector.
The final section in this report is a book review for Social Media Marketing by Liana Evans. This report discusses the major points presented in this book and their applicability in the modern business world. Particularly, the book talks about the application of social media marketing strategies to reach a wider market. The book also discusses how organizations can measure the effectiveness of their social media campaigns. The benefits associated with social media marketing are also highlighted in the report.

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