Understanding the Country of Cambodia

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Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia. If trying to pinpoint Cambodia on a map, look next to the Gulf of Thailand, between Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. When compared to the United States, Cambodia is a little smaller than the state of Oklahoma (The World Factbook, 2014). To understand a country, being educated on more than just the location of that country is important. In this paper, I will cover some of the history of Cambodia, education, political affiliations, the Cambodian economy, and much more. The economy in Cambodia has seen steady growth in the past ten years. Cambodia is popular for their tourism, agriculture industry. Clothes manufacturing, and construction has seen an increase of more than six percent of gross domestic production from 2010 to 2012 (The World Factbook, 2014). The clothing industry has more than four-hundred thousand Cambodian employees. Tourism has grown by nearly two million people per year since 2007. Even with huge economic growth, as stated above, Cambodia’s residents continue to struggle. In fact, thirty-seven percent of Cambodian children, under five years old, are malnourished. More than fifty- percent of the population is no older than twenty-five (The World Factbook, 2014). To be able to understand why the Cambodian economy is growing, but the population still suffer, we must look at the other aspects of the country. The limited political power of mainland southwest Asia is reduced in portion to the present day territory. The Cambodian territory state included much of the Indochinese mainland. In the eleventh and thirteenth centuries, much of the southern Vietnam, Laos, and eastern Thailand were included. Much of the countries history and regional context stemming from Laos... ... middle of paper ... ...gh who knowledge obtained (Chandler, 1996). An interesting thing about Cambodian Buddhists is they believe in reincarnation. The dead usually cremated after a detailed procession. Ceremonies in memory of the dead held on the seventh and hundredth days after death (Chandler, 1996). Understanding Cambodian culture involves being educated on multiple topics, which affect Cambodian people. Although Cambodia compares in size to Oklahoma, it has a huge history with its educational system, which has received a complete change through the years. Religious beliefs, particularly Buddhism, are prominent in Cambodia. From the outside looking in, it may be hard to see the growth of Cambodia’s economy, but tourism and manufacturing have provided a great boost in this area. It is a combination of these topics, which provide a full understanding of Life in Cambodia.
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