Understanding The Complexities Of An Athlete Essay

Understanding The Complexities Of An Athlete Essay

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Adam Gardner
Cluster Proposal Paper
October 28, 2014

Understanding the Complexities of an Athlete both Mind and Body
For as long as I can remember, I have always been an athlete. With the physical attributes of being an athlete, there is also the mental part to consider. As I continued to pursue my athletic career, I also wanted to become a better communicator and study behind the scenes of being an athlete. When I joined college I pursued my curiosity of every aspect of athletics, which led me to choose becoming an athletic trainer, to understand the ins and outs of athletes. The powers that be had a different plan for me and I had to change my major. I chose Communications as the next major to complete, since in athletics, communication is very important for success in any sport. Transferring from college to college I realized that I am more suited for a broader aspect of learning, which led me to the conclusion to change my major again to general studies, in order to tie in all that I have learned over the past 10 years. I enrolled in the University of Nevada Reno to do just that, combine all the knowledge I have obtained, in order to become a complete student. With the completion of my degree, I will be better suited to follow my intended course in life, which would be an effective communicator in athletics and some background in health sciences. I intend to use these classes in my cluster to be in management as an effective and confident speaker in my future employment.
My cluster consists of a sequence of courses from the College of Liberal Arts studying courses on Communication. In order to be a more effective communicator, these classes directed me to learn all the aspects of communication. From listening and...

... middle of paper ...

... communication, since we do it every day, but more to the understanding of conversing with each other peaked my interest in focusing on it. Along with communication, I am still an athlete and still pursue my physical fitness in civilian life as well as the military. Choosing Community Health Science courses permits me to continue me education of the human body in regards to athletes and those who want to stay physically fit. I intend to pursue a career that allows me to utilize the courses I have taken in my cluster to their potential.


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