Understanding 7th Day Adventist Essay

Understanding 7th Day Adventist Essay

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The Seventh Day Adventist which is commonly know as Adventist is a Christian denomination which known for their belief in the Sabbath which is on Saturday the seventh day of the Judeo Christian
week. They also believe in the second coming of Jesus. Adventist is the 8th largest Christian body which
was developed by Ellen G White whose writings is held highly in what they believe, in the 9th century during the Millerite movement. Some of the theology goes along with the evangelic beliefs of the Trinity and ineffability of scripture, believing that the bible is free of errors on issues of faith and practice. Some of the main teachings are the unconscious state of the dead which is the belief that the soul sleeps unconsciously during death of the body and its resurrection on Judgment Day, and the doctrine of investigative judgment which is the belief that there is a heaven Jesus was inaugurated as our High priest and he began his ministry during the time of his ascension, he then entered the last phase of his ministry which is investigative judgment the ultimate deposition of sin, the Day of Atonement where the sanctuary is cleansed with the blood of an animal but the heavenly things are purified by the blood of Jesus. The investigative judgment is when the dead are asleep in Christ so in Him they are deemed worthy to be part of the first resurrection, and people on earth who follow the commandments and have faith in Jesus are ready for heaven. If you are loyal to God you get heaven. The church is known for their conservative beliefs, distinctive diet and health, promotion of religious liberty, and the holistic understanding.
They believe in baptism by emersion being baptized on a basic of his or her faith in Jesus Christ. They bel...

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...s our creator, sustainer, savior, friends, God's son, and God himself." "God's vision for you is life as he lives it, and wants to give you the highest quality of life possible." "In the heart of God is a place you can experience at home. God loves you and wants to end time with you personally one on one as two close friends." www.adventist.org
From what I have discovered about Adventism is that it isn't too much different from what we believe we have a lot of the same understandings aruJ_beliefs on a lot of things, but I think that Adventists are way more stricter on things, and they are very old school and conservative. I personally would not want to be apart of this religion I think it's too strict and I don't agree with a fee things. One big factor is that they believe to get to heaven by faith alone but they believe that faith is shown by action of good works.

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