Understanding Sekolah Harapan Essay

Understanding Sekolah Harapan Essay

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Is it Sekolah Harapan can reduce or prevent the social problem in our country? Sekolah Harapan is not the solution to prevent the social illness because many reason. Conservative commentators in the Muslim-majority Malaysia have complained that one of factors are Sekolah harapan is actually encouraging the pre marital sex especially among teenagers. According to Wikipedia, the definition of pre marital sex is sexual intercourse engaged in by persons who are unmarried. The teenagers will feel safe because they are being protected by having Sekolah Harapan as their shelter. So, they do not afraid to do the pre marital sex. Thus, it can increase the social illness among the teenagers when they are will socialize without limitation. As we know, there are many teenagers outside either they still schooling or not did the pre marital sex and particularly, this problem occur among Muslim teenagers. According to Deputy Minister of Education, Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi stated that twenty one cases of pre-marital sex was reported which are twelve cases occurred at rural area and nine cases at urban area. So, we as society should discourage unmarried teenagers from the sexual activity that can lead to pregnancy, so we should regard who become pregnant as bad role models for other students. It is therefore reasonable to require pregnant students to leave the school when their condition becomes known.
From the Nurul Syazwani has been composed, she said that based on statistics from year to year many cases baby dumping was reported. The Sekolah harapan should be expanded nationwide because this is the way that government wanted to help the student who has dropout because she containing by compulsory or voluntary. Sekolah harapan also wanted to safeg...

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...hould be strengthened with the concept based of life. Second, the missionary program for youth should be enhanced and integrated and the responsible party must fight trafficking of pornography materials in. Clearly, prevention effort and religious guidance must start from young, so that they can wisely stay away from pre marital sex.


As a conclusion, Sekolah Harapan is not the best way to prevent the social illness in our country. That school not only can give opportunity to girls who pregnancy to depend on but also can increase the social problems. There are way and method that the government can apply especially in Islamic context such as give punishment to the students did the mistake or government also stressed on Islamic and moral education since primary education. Last but not least, Sekolah Harapan should be not expanded nationwide.

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