Understanding Quality Measurement Is Essential For Improving Quality Essay example

Understanding Quality Measurement Is Essential For Improving Quality Essay example

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Understanding quality measurement is essential in improving quality. Teams need to be able to understand whether the changes being made are actually leading to improved care and improved outcomes. For data to have an impact on an improvement initiative, providers and staff must understand it, trust it, and use it. Health care organization must understand the measurement of quality provided by the Institute of Medicine (patient outcomes, patient satisfaction, compliance, efficiency, safe, timely, patient centered, and equitable. An organization cannot improve its performance if it does not know how it is performing. Measuring quality improvements is essential as it reflects the quality of care given by the providers and that by comparing performance among providers and organizations will motivate better performance (Safety Net Medical Home Initiative, 2013).
C. Patient Centered Collaborative Care
A patient centered care approach motivates patients to expand their role in decision-making, health-related behavior change and self-management. Patient-centered practices respect patients’ values and preferences, and this is reflected in the way the practice is designed.
Effective communication and collaboration among health care professionals are is essential in patient centered care approach. Nurses, patients, health care providers share responsibility for the management of patient problems. In patient centered collaborative care approach, the nurse coordinates care and interacts with the members of the health care team as appropriate for the patient’s health problems, including health promotion and illness prevention.
Principles of patient-centered care inform organization-wide decisions and interactions with individual patients (S...

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... of the organization, which is to provide care and treat patients in a safe and high quality clinical environment. There are different tools that can be used for quality improvement that also applies to analyzing risk issues. These are measurement of quality, benchmarking, RCA, FMECA, and so forth.
By integrating quality improvement with risk management, everyone at the facility-from the administrators to the physicians to the staff to the family members-work together to improve the quality of care and avoid litigation from threats in the facility environment. Risks such as medical errors, underuse, overuse, and misuse of health care, injuries, and so forth are cause by system or process errors and therefore should be resolve by analyzing the organization’s system with the best practices of both risk management and quality improvement (Wittkofski, 2012).

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