Understanding Pythagorean Theorem And The Special Education Essay

Understanding Pythagorean Theorem And The Special Education Essay

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This learner analysis was done over three eighth grade math classes in a rural school on the coast of Oregon. The class size ranges from 20 to 27 students. The population consists of 83% Caucasian, 15% Hispanic out of 90 students.

There are 16 special education students within the eighth grade class. Of the special education population 25% fall under the eligibilities of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Emotional Disturbance, Intellectual Disability, and Orthopedic Impairment. 19% are eligible under Communication Disorder, and/or Other Health Impairment. The majority of the Special Education population are eligible under Specific Learning Disability, which is 63%. Of the 15% Hispanic students, only 5% are Tier 1 emerging English and are also being pulled for specially designed instruction to meet their individual education plans.

The math curriculum for eighth grade covers solving and forming expressions and equations. Understanding what a function is and using it to describe relationships. It also covers analyzing figures and understanding Pythagorean Theorem. The curriculum is aligned with the common core standards for the state of Oregon. However, due to the disabilities of these students it is difficult for them to access the curriculum in the general education setting. The quantity of work, expected basic skills and rate at which the content is given makes it difficult for these students to access all of the general education math curriculum. Their state test scores are either 1’s not meeting the state standard or 2’s nearly meeting the state standard.

Classes are held everyday for the whole year for 90 minutes at a time. Special Education students remain in the general education classroom for 60 minutes ...

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...going to fail anyways, so why try. Two students are in volleyball and one is in band. Sometimes volleyball does affect their homework when it is a game day. Usually, they are able to complete homework on practice days.

Learning Styles and Orientation

Learning styles _

The majority of these students do not possess the expected basic skills and processing speed required to keep up with the quantity of work for their math class. They greatly benefit from frequent checks for understanding, extended processing time and extended time to complete assignments. They also benefit from having the content material presented orally and visually. Also, breaking the complicated assignments into smaller steps or chunks is very helpful. Having access to a calculator or multiplication chart will help increase their speed and decrease their frustration.
Performance Context

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