Understanding One’s Self is the Key to Understanding Others Essay

Understanding One’s Self is the Key to Understanding Others Essay

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A look inside my brain. What I believe as truths will be presented throughout the text. The goal is to write as I please. Take observation, write experiences, and understand life. The end result will be the metaphysical ground of Rob Geis' philosophy. This writing may differ from the common academic articles one would read to understand philosophy and other academic discourses. I will not sift through the sources, or find difficult words to decipher. There is room to stray away from the main goal of this writing, but perhaps the end result will be intriguing.

Learning is a cognitive ability that is marvelous, no man on the earth has ever lost capacity in his memory to learn something new. This brings me to the great paradox. Man is an immortal conscious stuck in a mortal body. There is an unlimited capability to receive knowledge, but there is only one lifetime to learn as much as possible. Dr. Pepper taught us the great paradox. He gave us, or at least the twenty five or thirty out of 300 that were listening, the fascination of understanding something that is so substantial, so truthful. It was the first lecture and it was apparent that every student enrolled in that class was present. Perhaps professor Pepper shared the great paradox with us because he knew in that moment he had the most ears honed in on his voice. This discussion stuck with me. Is it a curse or is it meant to be? Is the fact that our ability to observe our own existence a mistake? A little blip or error in the laws of nature that was corrected by making us immortal? It is unfortunate that many people don’t look inside their minds and realize what they are gifted with. Look around and what you will see is beautiful, individual peoples living with their own ...

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... best political system has caused dispute between mankind in which the pursuit of the answer turned our very own kind against one another. The search for the answer could not have pushed us further away from the initial question. The question being what is the best way to treat one another on the largest known scale? It seems that although we are able to pursue such important questions, our animalistic instincts get in the way of the answers. We find ourselves defensive and skeptical of each other’s actions and thought. There must be a push in better understanding of happiness, comfort, and virtue, in alignment with every human. Once humans can understand one another as equals of the same wants and needs, self-reflection of one’s intentions, and the pondering of others intentions will draw parallel, without doubt, and create once again innovation of thought.

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