Understanding Of Transnational Gendered Consumption Patterns, Catches My Attention Is A Salsa Valentina ( Valentina Sauce )

Understanding Of Transnational Gendered Consumption Patterns, Catches My Attention Is A Salsa Valentina ( Valentina Sauce )

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There are at least ten Mexican groceries in East Harlem, New York City. They vary in size and clientele. Some of them carry different services apart of grocery shopping, such as package delivery to the Southern States of Mexico, legal and tax services, translation from Mixteco to Spanish and English, and catering. My favorite shops are located in Lexington Avenue, between 103rd and 106th Street: they are big, sell products from Puebla, and have a wide diversity of tamales, traditional sweet bread and ready to go meals. They function as community centers as well as shops. I have decided to write about the products sold in these spaces, most of them aimed at the Mexican-American population. Visibility of these environments is essential for the understanding of transnational gendered consumption patterns, deterritorialization of gender stereotypes and transformation of female identities over migratory processes.

The first product that catches my attention is a Salsa Valentina (Valentina Sauce). This sauce has various presentations according to spiciness, it can either be hot or very hot. Valentina, a feminine personal name in Spanish, is also associated to the female fighters during the Mexican Revolution of 1910-1921. There is little written about the character of “Valentina” and why there is such a connection, however, Mexican popular music of the Revolution contains the image of a woman who fought for the Northern Division, and who had fallen in love with an enemy. Her enemy and lover sings for her: “Valentina, Valentina. Dicen que por tus amores la vida me han de quitar, no le hace que sean muy diablos yo también me sé pelear.” (Valentina, Valentina. They say I will be killed for your love. It does not matter they are evil, I a...

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... women who are in love with intellectual, loving men, while being chased by former partners who work for drug trafficking companies. During their personal empowering journeys, they create sorority bonds and support networks. It is fascinating that this show is still on air in the United States, and that people watch it. Soap operas tend to perpetuate violent, unhealthy and unfair beliefs about romantic love, yet this show in specific has been praised for its portrayal of feminine friendships. All women who buy groceries in this shop know the same products, have similar cultural references and have migrated. Despite moving from one country to another, we look for products and environments that speak to our past, ethnicity and history. Food shopping is remembering. Food shopping, as a migrant woman, is the opportunity to visualize oneself in various products and spaces.

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