Essay about Understanding Of Students And Teachers

Essay about Understanding Of Students And Teachers

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Understanding of Students and Teachers in a Special Education Classroom setting
When doing my practicum hours this semester I had the chance to Observe Ms. Shadana Moses at Westview Primary. The type of class that Ms. Moses teaches is a moderate to severe disabilities class. The type of class that she teaches is also a medically fragile classroom. This means that some of the students in the classroom have medical needs that can be addressed in the school setting. Some examples of these are G-Tube feeding, severe seizures, etc. The students in the class range in grades from Kindergarten thru second grade. Within that range of students one student is a kindergartener, four are in the first grade and two are in the second grade. However due to the students disabilities they function more at a toddler/pre-school level. There are seven students in total and their names are: Drew, Brooklyn, Rose, Treaton, Taliyah, Adrianna and Victor. Drew and Brooklyn are Moderate disable, but Drew also has Down syndrome. Brooklyn also has Cerebral Palsy along with Victor and Rose, but Rose also has Other Health Impairments. Victor also has other disabilities that keep him in a wheelchair. Treaton is the only student that is Developmental delay. When it comes to Taliyah and Adrianna they both are Severe disable, but Taliyah had Rhet syndrome. Adrianna also has Angelman syndrome. Ms. Moses has two assistants and their names are Ria and Tammy.
When it came to Ms. Moses telling me why she wanted to become a Special Education teacher, she inspired. Her reasons for teaching in the area of Special Education are that she wanted to be a voice and advocate for those who aren’t able to fully advocate for themselves. She also enjoys the close working relation...

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...that would give me a total of twelve hours and twenty-four minutes.
Over all my practicum experience was amazing. I got to get an understanding of what it is like to be a Special Education teacher and why they never have so many students in their class. This experience also made me look into being a Special Education teacher and what steps I need to take after I graduate to become a Special Education teacher. Some of the good things that I notice within the classroom were that the entire student were happy and was treated like they didn’t have a disability. I could also see that Ms. Moses is really loving and caring towards all of her students. I see no negatives within the classroom. I hope one day I get to go back to the school to see how far have the students grown within not only there disability or disabilities, but also within their learning experience.

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