Essay on Understanding of PMIs Project Management Processess

Essay on Understanding of PMIs Project Management Processess

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The processes can generally be structured into groups or knowledge areas. In this paper the processes are structured by their area of expertise and involve all project managing processes. The processes and knowledge areas are based on the Project Management Institute which is a widely accepted guide for project management. The knowledge areas are (Ó Conchúir, 2012):

• Integration management
• Scope management
• Time management
• Cost management
• Quality management
• Human Resource management
• Communication management
• Risk management
• Procurement management

In the following section, an overview of the processes is given. Therefore each of the project management knowledge areas is explained with tools and techniques.

4.1 Integration management

Integration management provides guidance for project managers to ensure that every activity is identified, combined and coordinated. It helps to ensure the project is seen as a whole and all activities are carried out as defined (Ó Conchúir, 2012). In the next section the most important processes involved in integration management are defined and explained.

4.1.1 Project Charter
Within the initiation of a project, the project charter is developed and contains all high level information, such as project purpose and general descriptions. This first document is usually signed by the client, the project manager and the sponsor to make sure everyone is on the same page. It must identify the outcome of the project and the involved work to achieve the result (Perrin, 2008; Stackpole, 2013).
The project charter can be used as a reverence if phase gates or milestones are achieved. The current stage should be compared to the charter and based on this comparison the project must be reviewed. ...

... middle of paper ...

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