The Understanding Of Human Sexuality Essay

The Understanding Of Human Sexuality Essay

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As the world is continuously changing in a rapid pace, more and more information about human sexuality that is associated with transgender, bisexual, asexual, and other issues on gender and sexual orientation is needed to understand the brain function, behavior and belief of these kind of people. As a Christian professional in the psychology field, the understanding of human sexuality is important. This profession inevitably deals with people every day, so sexuality has to be incorporated in various ways. The understanding of the different sexual and gender orientation, and the ways one is taught to embrace and approach these kind of people in the workplace is important. Sexual dysfunctions and problems, and how one is to handle these issues is also important. One has to understand the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of the person who is thought to be different in sexual and gender orientation than society’s norm. Knowing that these kind of people exists allows the one to maintain one’s professionalism without any judgment on the client or patient.
As a Christian, foremost, one has to have the knowledge and understanding about the authentic sexuality that God has provided for all mankind. This knowledge and understanding of sexuality through God’s perspective allows me to inspire and education my clients and patients about the Biblical perspective of sexuality, sex, and relationships. Sexuality is dealt with in every aspects of life, whether it is applied according to the Bible or to the world, and it is probably something that a neuropsychologist would have to encounter almost every day. A clinical neuropsychologist typically interacts with all kinds of people with different viewpoints of sexuality. The...

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...implest and understandable way. I would also be able to inform the client or patient and his or her family about the benefits and disadvantages of the treatments in accordance to the sexual issues this family is facing.
Despite the profession one is going to be in, the understanding of sexuality is important to functioning as a person. Sexuality is something we encounter in our everyday life; and it governs how we perceive and live in this world. It is important as a Christian professional that one remembers to put on Christ-like character when encountering all types or people who are similar and different. It is important to remember that Christ died for all, and He loves everyone equally. Therefore, one should not judge others based on their differences, but account for the person’s heart, and one must be understanding of the person’s situation and background.

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